शनिवार, 17 मार्च 2018

सिमरन कौर का पत्र --शौर्य गाथाएँ

Hello mam...

You don't know me.. I'm a final year student (B. Com Honors) from Jammu. Arvinder Sir gave me your book (shaurya gathaye) a few months back. I had stopped reading Hindi books after school. Reading your book reminded me how beautiful a language Hindi is... And the content... Mind blowing... We all love Indian Army and respect what they do....but Shaurya Gathaye gave a detailed account of their lives... The glimpses of their personal lifes were awe-inspiring... I'm an emotional person but I've never cried while reading a book.. Yours was the first book that made me cry... I recommend it to all my friends.. Army men are great.. No matter what we can never understand what they feel... But your book brings a person as close as they can in understanding their pain... Its simply awesome..... Thank you for writing such a beautiful book... 😘

सिमरन कौर 

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